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Growing up in Colorado, Blair became an avid mountain biker, snowboarder, and hiker. While earning his Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Recreation and Tourism at Colorado State University, Blair also worked as a bicycle mechanic, fostering his mechanical curiosities as well as his desire to be active outside as much as possible.

After graduating, Blair moved to Charleston, South Carolina where he continued to work as a bicycle mechanic and later transitioned into the field of graphic design. Finding inspiration from the historic local architecture and a continued interest in product design, Blair began to cultivate a connection of his creative and mechanical sides through furniture design and learning wood working skills. Ultimately, architecture proved to be the outlet that would allow Blair to dream creatively and guide other crafts people to help bring them into reality.

In 2006, Blair and his wife moved to Chicago where he attended The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and received his Master of Architecture. As a graduate student, Blair participated in a multi-disciplinary program allowing studies across the fields of architecture, interior architecture, and designed objects. During the 2007-08 academic year, Blair participated in the prestigious GFRY Studio developing architectural and lighting designs for an exhibition presented at the 2008 Milan Design Fair.

At the beginning of his architectural career, Blair worked for the esteemed Chicago firm of Holabird and Root allowing him to be involved in a diverse range of projects including educational buildings and large scale residential developments. Seeking a move to a smaller studio type office and a focus on custom residential projects, Blair has since worked for the Chicago area offices of Vladimir Radutny Architects, Fraerman Associates Architecture, and Shumaker Design Associates.

In 2022, Blair founded his multi-disciplinary architecture and design studio. With a focus on residential work, Blair seeks to design spaces that inspire connection to our home and place in our environment. He believes each project reveals unique circumstances - the family, place, and materials - that inform and unfold in the final architectural product. Exterior and interior environments are approached with equal, detailed focus.

Blair Schmidt Architect Portrait
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